A SaaS technology platform that brings closer, and trusted relationship between your brand and customers

Improving your customer-facing processes touchpoints to create a solid foundation for starting your organization’s in-store personalization journey.

In-Store Personalization


Future Car Sales


Convenient guest experience

Your benefits from using our solution

✔   Get real-time notifications on customers behavior

✔   Boost conversion by 5 %

✔   Personalizing marketing content by a granular customer profile

✔   Improve sales efficiency for physical customers

✔   Run analytics on marketing campaigns

✔   Online dashboard for your customer intelligence reports

How does Cyrix Experience platform work


Software solutions to bring instant value from your customer data

Cyrix Experience Platform

Simple and user-friendly web application with easy access to your real-time data.

Cyrix Cloud Dashboard

Enables a simple Experience Journey Mapping of your customer in real-time.

Cyrix API

Integrate CRM data and manage your devices with fully documented API guide.

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