Understand your customer's preferences, needs and reactions with Cyrix's breakthrough computer vision platform.

At Cyrix, we are helping retailers with digitizing in-store consumer insights and using computer vision to unlock the potential of your consumer data.

In-Store Personalization


Future Car Sales


Convenient guest experience

Your benefits from using our solution

✔   Get real-time alert on new visitors in the store

✔   Boost conversion by 5 %

✔   Personalizing marketing content by a granular customer profile

✔   Improve sales efficiency for physical customers by 10 %

✔   Run analytics on marketing campaigns

✔   Online dashboard for your Store Performance

See our Solution in Action for the Auto retail

The Cyrix Advantage

Software solutions to bring instant value from your customer data

Intuitive sales notications

Intuitive in-sales notifications to notify car seller on new visitors by age, gender and previous visit.

Cyrix Cloud Portal

Enables a simple Experience Journey Mapping of your customer in real-time.

Cyrix API

Integrate CRM data and manage your devices with fully documented API guide.

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