State of empathy in the call center

Companies are under intense pressure to consistently deliver positive customer experiences and be a brand with which their customers are proud to do business. This requires operational excellence at enterprise scale and separates the leaders from the laggards. Self-service is a necessary requirement, but for complex emotional interactions, people demand an authentically human experience. Forrester has consistently found that emotion is the number one driver of customer loyalty. They recently reported that “customer-obsessed companies report having happier employees, more loyal customers, and increased likelihood to exceed revenue growth expectations.” The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share someone else’s feelings. It sounds simple, but most people believe they are much more empathetic than they really are. It’s not easy for people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, especially when dealing with complex, stressful, and emotional situations.


A myriad of moving parts and dependencies within an organization. While research has repeatedly shown how critical empathy is to customer experience, the human factor makes it difficult to measure and even more difficult to improve at scale.


Cyrix performs in-call voice analysis and delivers real-time guidance to agents and unprecedented insight to managers.


Using the Cyrix in-call app delivers your sales personnel with intuitive alerts with instant awareness of speaking behaviors and customer perception. Sales professional are guided to speak with more empathy, confidence, professionalism and efficiency, while early signs of customer frustration and intent to purchase help improve service and close deals.

For the supervisors, we have the real-time dashboards enable supervisors to monitor and proactively intervene in live calls. Supervisors are automatically alerted to calls in which a customer is having a poor experience.

  •  10 % Reduction in handle-time
  •  15 % increase in first call resolution
  •  10 % improvement in customer experience
  •  12 % increase in deal close rates

Cyrix offers a SaaS platform that collects, analyses, uses AI tools to activate the brand interactions and experiences, acts on the insights to enrich and fill the gap between online and offline customer experience. Delivery of a wide range of services like face detection, face verification, emotional recognition.

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