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Research demonstrates longer stay in the showroom increases the likelihood of a purchase. Especially in a time store experience is critical and a strategic differentiator for iconic car brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Range personalized service and marketing campaigns.


Car dealers have historically kept the sales and retail model approach quite traditional. Today, sales, marketing, and distribution still consume a significant share of the revenue from each vehicle sold. Most of the industry is with legacy dealer networks and contractual obligations. However, car-buying behavior is changing in ways that will force radical and disruptive change in auto sales. Digital natives are becoming mainstream car buyers with entirely new expectations, and older generations are picking up new habits. Car buyers increasingly follow omni-channel customer episodes: They research, select and buy cars in different ways than their non-digital predecessors, and increasingly they expect the same capabilities and service quality when shopping for cars as they experience in other aspects of their digital lives.


Continuous Customer intelligence of physical customers with face recognition technologies and sensors enables insights into real-time customer visits, mood/emotions detection and in combination with operational data from the company’s CRM, industry and social media data create a 360-degree customer profile. In practice, the cameras, sensors are installed in the store as well as in the car under test-driving to capture real-time experience data. Thereby, the necessary sales and marketing activities can be optimized as the system notifies the seller with real-time information on customer behavior and non-verbal communication. With the use of sensors in the car, the car dealer can collect real-time insights into customers experience and emotion about the car or the dealer. Using the Cyrix cameras and sensors the sales efficiency is enhanced, costs are reduced and constant and accurate data is provided. These insights lead to better decisions based on data-driven insights and facts to take necessary actions.


  •  Optimize sales efficiency toward physical customers
  •  Enhance insights and forecast into customer behavior
  •  Steady monitoring & automated documentation of in-store experience
  •  Receive real-time notification about customer profiles
  •  Accessible from PC and integrateble with your CRM system
  •  Personalization system

Cyrix offers a SaaS platform that collects, analyses, uses AI tools to activate the brand interactions and experiences, acts on the insights to enrich and fill the gap between online and offline customer experience. Delivery of a wide range of services like face detection, face verification, emotional recognition.

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