Cyrix Advisory

Cyrix Advisory is a consultative analytics service that delivers tailored design sprints, workshops and strategies for Automotive, Insurance and luxury retail brands to optimize store performance and elavate the human experience.

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Cyrix Advisory

Cyrix Advisory combines our deep industry expertise, vast consulting and analytics experience with proprietary deep learning approaches to help you identify high value focus areas. With store traffic data at the core, our approach delivers actionable insights and recommendations to help you accelerate growth through unprecedented intelligence.

Combine store data with the internal CRM, and sales data provide an exact conversation rate.

Uncover hidden potentials in your data and achieve innovation at high scale

Data-driven organization with grounded and proven technology to drive efficiency and sales growth

How it works

Step 1

1 hour design sprint with the key stakeholders to discover the strategic questions, data privacy, business potentials to arrive at a high level concept development proposal.

Step 2

High-fidelity prototyping in two weeks to get the first hands-on experience with your store data.

Step 3

Generate actionable insights and strategies for your store performance through an online and easy-of-use dashboard.

Our unique technologies and deep learning approach is powered by ground-breaking algorithms designed to identify and uncover hidden values in your store data. Our team of experienced retail advisory partners will provide unparalleled insights and practical recomendations that you utilize to gain efficiency and growth.

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