Improving package design with smart faces

Understanding consumer behavior in every zone in the fashion stores or supermarkets is critical to succeeding in shopper experience for each consumer profile. Sales in the physical store still account for the highest share of total revenue and remain the source of income for the years to come. Despite the widespread presence of online shopping, customers do not have the same personalized experience on the website. Even giants like Amazon and Alibaba actively engage with customers in the physical world.


Closing the experience gap between physical stores and online shopping is the critical element, which many consumer brands compete on to maximize income and create consistency in the shopping experience. It is no longer a nice to have a goal but a need to have the ambition to combine the physical with the digital environment.


Cyrix solution is a system of action that helps retails with real-time analytics to create a personalized experience for a particular consumer profile. Our face verification and detection system enable retailers to track each consumer’s behavior while they are in-store and use emotional intelligence to understand behavior. The insights are used to optimize product placement, product package design, and store layout. Then, reports and documentation are available in their software in real-time. Additionally, the notification system will allow retailers to monitor the impact of the marketing initiatives in real-time. In this way, Cyrix’s customers can act accordingly to enhance in-store marketing activities and optimize the customer experience.


  •  Improve sales mix
  •  Receive real-time customer engagement data
  •  Continuous consumer intelligence and profiling
  •  Marketing performance monitoring system
  •  Reduce R&D development cost with targeted packaging designs
  •  Improve in-store customer experience

Cyrix offers a SaaS platform that collects, analyses, uses AI tools to activate the brand interactions and experiences, acts on the insights to enrich and fill the gap between online and offline customer experience. Delivery of a wide range of services like face detection, face verification, emotional recognition.

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