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Why Cyrix customer identification kit ?

Developed by Cyrix, enables easy and reliable in-store customer identification in real-time – everything presented in a user-friendly software solution. Cyrix solution is used by leading car brands all over Europe to improve customer experience – now provided with a 360- degree picture of the customer in real-time. Besides that, companies benefit from efficient sales, automate marketing processes (contextual marketing) and much more.

How does it works ?

✔  Delivery of a wide range of services like face detection, face verification, emotional recognition.

✔  Behavioral scoring and product matching + recommendation.

✔  Suitability for a variety of Industrial IoT applications including in-store monitoring, visitor profiling, remote asset management, prediction and many more

✔  Sensors easily connectable to leading IoT cloud platforms (eg. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson IoT), and many industry-specific open source software platforms.

What is Cyrix solution ?

Multiple Facial Recognition cameras are installed in appropriate locations in the store, capturing and identifying customers by age and gender immediately when they enter. The Facial Recognition cameras continuously analyses the in-store traffic and customer preferences by body language, voice, and emotions from the embedded sensors on cars during the test drive. The seller is hereafter able to monitor the analytics and be notified by SMS or on customized dashboards when the system have a full profile of the customer. All data is stored and saved in reports ready to share. Easy, affordable and simple solution for in-store customer experience personalization.

Use Cases


In-store Personalization

Combining real-time customer behavior obtained from multiple sources (Web, Social Media, transactional data from CRM), allowing for granular segmentation, and provide online personalization services. We provide a real-time video analysis together with external data, such as geo-location.

Future Car Sales

Many customers do not contact the car retailer until the late stage of the process. Thus, the ways to engage with the previous customers need to be found. Once the customer approaches the dealer, they will need to have enough valuable customer insights to offer personalized car buying experience.

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